How to Participate in Subway Listens Survey: Step by Step Guide

By | November 20, 2019

Generally, big companies like Subway organizes many surveys such as Subway Listens Survey in order to interact with their customers. Interacting with the customers not only brings new & better reforms to the ideas but generates better social connectivity between the parties.

SubwayListens Survey is a great initiative by the Subway in order to listen from their customers and gather valuable feedback from them. The feedback can be used further to bring new changes to their business such as cleaner environment, better customer support, better transaction platforms or choice which automatically brings betterment in the service provided to their customers.

The survey is conducted by Subway to ask a simple question related to the overall experience of the service, staff, and management. As a customer completing a Subway Listens Survey isn’t a big deal, as it may take only some minutes to complete it by answering all questions fairly.

How to participate in the Subway Listens Survey?

Completing the survey barely takes much time, since, the company asks you simple questions which can be easily filled up by answering properly. To participate in Subway Listens Survey, you need to make a purchase from any of Subway near you and follow the basic steps added below.

  1. Customers can complete the survey by using any platform such as a PC or Mobile device. In order to start the Subway Listens Survey, visit the official website of the Subway. You can also start by clicking here.
  2. Enter the required details in respective fields such as your Email address, First name and then Last name in the form available on the screen. After filling out all the required fields on the form, click on the “Begin Survey” button.
  3. After clicking on the “Begin Survey” button, you will be prompted to a new screen where the actual survey starts. Here, you need to enter more detailed information regarding the transaction at any Subway. The required details in order to fill this form are “Subway #” or “Store #”, “date of transaction”, “Time of transaction” and “Transaction ID”. Users are advised to keep the bill with themselves for further convenience. Click on the “Next” button after filling the required details.
  4. On the next page, you need to select your reaction with the services offered at the Subway store. “Taste/quality of the meal”,” Speed of the service”, “Experience of the staff”, “Cleanliness of the restaurant” are some of the required selections to be made in this page. You can select any of the emoji with respect to your experience with respective services.
  5. If you want to narrate the experience with the staff and meal quality in your own words, you can also use the comment box provided just above the “Finish” button.
  6. Click on the” Finish” button to submit the “Subway Listens Survey” and also to get rewarded by the Survey team.

Rewards with the Survey

Completing the SubwayListens Survey is fruitful to both, i.e. Subway as well as to the customers also.

Customers can get rewarded with Promo Code, Freebies and as well as Free Cookie Code right into their Email. The rewards can be redeemed at any of nearby Subway stores.

Make sure to use the provided promo code or cookie code before the due date, as each code has its validity from the date of completion of the survey.


Organizing a survey is a great way to interact with the customers as well as to get reviews from the customers for getting new and interactive ideas to bring cleanliness and better service to the customers. Completing the is beneficial to Subway as well as to the customers.

After completing the Subway Listens Survey, customers are awarded coupon codes or cookie code which can be availed at any Subway outlet within 30 days of completion of the survey. Moreover, A customer can be rewarded by completing a maximum of 5 surveys in a month.

Make sure to keep the bill with yourself, which contains required details such as Transaction ID, date and time of purchase of the product and many more, to be filled while completing the survey. Customers can receive coupons right after completing the

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  1. Carlos Alaniz Jr

    I visited a Subway Monday, 8/5/19. I have been trying to login to to get the offer at the bottom of the receipt yet all I get is the copy of the reward from the last survey I did about 2 weeks ago. How and where can I log in?


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