Frequently Asked Questions

How does Subway ensure food safety at their outlets?

It is very important for every restaurant or food chain to be aware of food safety to ensure better customer health. Subway is one of the top food chains which looks well into food safety. They make sure all their ingredients and fresh and up to date data, use of refreshers and reminders and common compliance checks and enforcement. All the subway employees are strictly instructed to necessary practices like handwashing, glove carrying, common temperature checking and a transparent separation of different meals. Subway takes customer feedback via SubwayListens survey to also ensure that the end consumer is happy and healthy. Various checks are done every month at each Subway franchise to ensure that only skilled and disciplined workers are recruited.

What are the dressing options I can get at Subway?

Subway is the first love for most of its customers just because of the best sauces dressing options they offer. They offer sauces ranging from the most loved Chipotle Southwest to Sweet Onion which is low in calories, which means even the weight-watchers can enjoy their meal at Subway. Just in case, you are trying to lose weight and want to eat out at a Subway restaurant, you can try Sweet Onion, Honey Mustard, Bbq Sauce, Red chili as they are extremely low in calories. On the contrary, I would love to suggest you Chipotle Southwest, Mint Mayonnaise, Plain Mustard, Plain Mayonnaise

Can I Buy Stock in Subway?

The answer is NO as Subway IP Inc. is a privately held firm and it isn’t traded on any inventory alternate. Every franchise of Subway is individually owned by a franchise holder. You can become one of the franchise owners of a Subway restaurant.

How can I start my own Subway Restaraunt?

You can be one of the proud franchise owners of a Subway restaurant. Subway loves to welcome new onboard franchise holders. You need to follow these steps to proceed with the same.

  1. Request a franchise brochure.
  2. Submit a Franchise Application.
  3. Meet Local Development Agent.
  4. Review Disclosure Document.
  5. Conduct Local Research.
  6. Secure Financing.
  7. Sign Franchise Agreement.
  8. Attend Training.

How to Link my Subway Card to my rewards account?

You can easily link your physical Subway® Card to your rewards account by logging into Subway official website or the Subway App. Go to “Card & Payment”, then click or tap “Add a Subway Card“.

How much money can I load on My Subway Card?

You can load any amount between $5 and $500 on your Subway Card. Make sure that the Subway Card has a maximum value of 500$ that can be associated at any given time.

How can I Customize My Sandwich at Subway?

Subway recruits and trains their Sandwich Artists so that you never have to compromise on your taste buds. There are over 2 million sandwich varieties offered to you at Subway menu. You must try a combination of different veggies and sauces dressing every time to know what suits your taste buds the most.