Top 5 Restaurants Surveys and Feedbacks

By | November 20, 2019

Customer is always the king of a business and this is what successful businesses work upon. There are a lot of companies which fail within 2-3 years of their formation not because their product wasn’t apt but because of the failure in understanding their customers. Either a customer will fail your business or scale your business to heights you had never imagined. The reason why Subway is one of the top restaurants selling sandwiches in the entire world is just because of SubwayListens Survey.

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Top Restaurants Which Take Customer Surveys

Top Customer Feedback Surveys by Restaurants

Taking regular feedback through their customer feedback surveys is one of the top reason why Subway has over 42000 stores in 112 countries across the globe. In this article, we will make you acquainted with the top 5 restaurants other than Subway who has used a similar strategy that grew their business to heights. Without further more ado, let us start the introduction to those super cool places.


Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC is one of the top food chains known for their fried chicken. Recent reports tell us that how KFC is among the top restaurant’s competitor with a billion-dollar in revenues. KFC is also famous for Go Cups and they are giving them for free if you fill their survey called mykfcexperience. This is the marketing strategy quite similar to that of Subway wherein the customer is given a free meal and the company gets to know their customer better.


Every person on this planet knows McDonald’s – like it is one of the best places to have a burger. From cheeseburger to french fries, McDonald’s has been the favorite of people. McDonald’s is the number one competitor in the market of food chains across the world. They take feedback with a simple 1-minute survey which they call McD voice wherein an overall guest experience feedback is taken. This simple survey gives the customer a free meal on their next order and helps the company grow in revenues.


Perkins chain of restaurants is well known for their pancakes, cookie dough, baked pies, muffins, and a lot more desserts. Perkins Bakery is one of the most famous restaurants in the United States and Canada. They always try to improve their service and food to get more customers. Taking Perkins Experience Survey is one of the top reasons why there are more than 400 Perkins restaurants in USA and Canada as of now.


When it comes to Tex-Mex foods, Tacobell is the choice of the crowd. TelltheBell survey by Tacobell to get authentic feedback from their customers. The restaurant offers cash prizes to the lucky winners. Customer participates by filling the Tellthebell survey on its official website. Tacobell serves over 3 billion customers every year by adopting this survey strategy.


Well, Pizzahut is the go-to place for exotic pizzas and tasty garlic bread. They serve some amazing pizzas which won’t be found anywhere else. You can also try out their desserts like a choco lava cake and choco volcano after having your pizza. The restaurant has a great customer base and takes care of their customer by knowing their overall feedback. The customers are asked to visit their portal where they are asked about their experience with pizza hut. This involves overall feedback, not just the food quality.

Final Words

If you are someone trying to start a food business, you must acknowledge the profit customer surveys can bring in. It may seem a quite indirect strategy but it helps to retain a customer and to have a wider customer base. The customer is always your first priority and you have to make sure they are having a good time at your restaurant. Start taking online customer surveys and see what impact it will have on your food business. Stay tuned for more updated on

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